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Festival season is here again! So far we have had sell-out audiences at Adelaide and Canberra. Now we have Melbourne firmly in our sights. We will be going hard and fast with two shows at the festival.

Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show will be doing 11 shows from the 7th to 12th April. Most shows are actually now sold out. There are still tickets available for Monday at 10:30am and the new show we added for Saturday at 1pm also has tickets. That is a secret extra show we added due to the surprising demand for tickets!

We will also be bringing Age-Less 2: Game On! for four encore performances after last years festival. After the show was featured on Good Game Spawn Point (see the videos page for the clip) we had some requests to bring it back so we are doing what you asked!

You can click on the images below to go directly to the ticketing site for these events!


Grossed Out Game show at Melbourne!
Age-Less 2: Game On! in Melbourne


Grossed Out Game Show at Adelaide
Gobsmacked at Adelaide


Grossed Out Game Show at Canberra

In other news...

We have a new show set to debut at the King Street Theatre, Newtown later this year. "Age-Less 3: Dreamweaver verses the Nightmare Child" is the finale of the Age-Less trilogy. It will be on twice daily during the July school holidays!.

Age-Less 3: Dreamweaver verses the Nightmare Child at King Street Theatre